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Valentines day- chb style 25 Percy
The entire 2 minutes it took to get to Greece, Annabeth was screaming so loud Percy's head was ringing. He'd never taken Annabeth shadow travelling before and even though she read about the effects a million times over, there was no way for him to prepare her for the new experience. Percy nearly forgot about the time difference, which meant that it was morning when they got to Greece, and by the time they were done site-seeing it had fallen night and they had been gone over 12 hours. But Percy was too busy watching his girlfriend have the time of her life to care. Everything they saw just kept getting better and better according to Annabeth. Which kind of amazed Percy, since the first thing they saw was also the only thing she'd ever said she wanted to visit.
As the sun was setting on the day they'd been given, Percy sat under an olive tree (just like the one Athena gave to the people of Athens as a present) with Annabeth's head lying in his lap. As he tenderly stroked her, he leaned d
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Valentines day- chb style 24 Annabeth
Annabeth was ok with the fact that Percy hadn't done any special for her on Valentine's Day. She was coming to terms with the idea of not even seeing him for the entire day. But after watching Zoë be treated like a queen, and by a boy who by the way hasn't been through everything with her since she was eleven, went behind everyone's back and snuck away to come save her, or had even been in a relationship with her for over a year now, and yet Percy, who has done everything Annabeth just listed, has completely stayed away from her all day. She couldn't take it anymore, she had to get away from all the love that was obviously flying around and avoiding only her.
She left the beach, not knowing where she was going, and ended up by the lake, where she could be away from all the noise of the bonfire or the lights of the fireworks. She sat down by the edge of the water and stared out onto the lake, reminiscing of the time Percy had taken her down to the bottom and they had their first pr
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Valentines day- chb style 23 Zoe
Zoë thought it was too good to be true. She pinched herself every two minutes to make sure she wasn't dreaming. Leo had really thought of everything, a private picnic on the beach (which was before everyone invaded their little date thingy) he'd taken her for a ride on a Pegasus together (Which by the way, Guido was not happy about flying around with double the weight than was usual) and then he'd taken her out into the bay to watch the fireworks display out at sea where the lights reflected of the water in the most dazzling way Zoë had ever seen. When they got back to the beach Leo lit up a bonfire and roasted some weenies and marshmallows he 'acquired', as he put it, from the kitchen. Unfortunately, that's when everyone else decided to crash their private party. But that was ok, because it didn't stop Leo from showering her with his affection. And it also proved that he didn't care who was watching, he might have even wanted the world to know that she was his and he was her
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Valentines day- chb style 22 Harley
The sun had already set by the time he was done with his new little toy he'd made especially for Lacy. He was way behind schedule.
Once he stepped out of the forges and back into the rest of the world, he spotted the fireworks he and his siblings had made for Zoë. Judging from the pictures they were projecting, the fireworks were half way over, meaning it was really late. He had no idea how he was going to find Lacy, he didn't know where to even start looking for her, and there wasn't enough of Valentine's Day left for him to go searching the whole camp.
Luckily for him, his older brother Jake was lounging in his bed and knew that everyone had headed down to the beach to watch the fireworks they had made.
"But I thought that was supposed to be a private thing for Leo and Zoë? Why did everyone else go down there then?" Harley asked.
Jake gave his little brother a weak smile, "Ask Drew"
Harley most definitely was not going to ask Drew, since she scared the jujubes out of him. B
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Valentines day- chb style 21 Butch
Butch spent half the night searching for the only girl he wanted beside him during the fireworks display, but the second he found her he wished he hadn't. Miranda was down by the beach, curled up next to Will Solace, singing along with the rest of the Apollo cabin and generally having a good time. Butch was heartbroken, until he heard Mitchell from the Aphrodite cabin come up beside him.
"I know what you're thinking, that should be you Miranda is cuddling up to" Mitchell said.
"I should've known she was taken. I always end up without a valentine. As if anyone would want to be with me" Butch hung his head in shame. But the next thing Mitchell said caught his interest.
"You should try to win her over. Perhaps a duel, you against Will and the winner shall have the girl" Mitchell was obviously keen, and Butch thought there was a chance that Miranda would be impressed by his strength. He stepped up to Will and said: "you have stolen my girl! I challenge you to a duel! The winner shall have
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Ponified Hazel Concept Art by RobinTehEVOCat Ponified Hazel Concept Art :iconrobintehevocat:RobinTehEVOCat 8 2 Chrisse comic by RobinTehEVOCat Chrisse comic :iconrobintehevocat:RobinTehEVOCat 14 9 Is There Some Happiness for Me? by WillowLightfoot Is There Some Happiness for Me? :iconwillowlightfoot:WillowLightfoot 361 79 .:HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY:. by ran-chu .:HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY:. :iconran-chu:ran-chu 189 98 Touch Me and I Maim You. by AbsolutelyLorLor Touch Me and I Maim You. :iconabsolutelylorlor:AbsolutelyLorLor 52 9 Jason and Piper by spicynumber Jason and Piper :iconspicynumber:spicynumber 79 13 When he knew by AnnoyinglyCute When he knew :iconannoyinglycute:AnnoyinglyCute 221 56 Thatu's Quick Guide to Love- in Riordan's Universe by Thatu Thatu's Quick Guide to Love- in Riordan's Universe :iconthatu:Thatu 207 117 Battle Faces by chloisssx3 Battle Faces :iconchloisssx3:chloisssx3 1,391 466 Percy Meets Neptune by MissySerendipity Percy Meets Neptune :iconmissyserendipity:MissySerendipity 288 97 Dionysus and Hermes by bratitude123 Dionysus and Hermes :iconbratitude123:bratitude123 162 88 Like Brothers by xsweetsillygirl Like Brothers :iconxsweetsillygirl:xsweetsillygirl 126 31 Apollo Kids by girlsrl Apollo Kids :icongirlsrl:girlsrl 91 138 Cute Fox by CristalFire Cute Fox :iconcristalfire:CristalFire 969 174 Meee-ow by CristalFire Meee-ow :iconcristalfire:CristalFire 27 22 best brother ever by AceroTiburon best brother ever :iconacerotiburon:AceroTiburon 3,649 577


ok so the title thing didnt let me write out everything i wanted to write -.-
but anyways what im trying to do is get the word out that we want the Heroes of Olympus series to be made into a movie series BUT... they should be done right and along the lines of the books
im so completely dissapointed in the way the lightning thief came out and i know that all of my fellow demigods are too
so maybe just maybe, if we fans tell the movie producers what we think the movies should come out like, then theyll listen to us, since were the ones that will determine whether they get their job done or more so that they get their paychecks right?
anyways please help me get the world out. im also planing on making a group for that here as well as a FB page and i already have a twitition for any of you on twitter here it is:
kay if you can help in any way or you have some ideas either post them here or on any of the other things i plan on having set up
k thanks :3


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Sami Greenwood
New Zealand
Sorry im not an artist but i LOOOOOOOVE some of the stuff on here :3
keep on keeping on :)

oh and my deviant ID and avatar are from Chloisssx3
that chica is AH-MAY-ZIIIIING!!!!

when the HoO seires is made into a movie, expect to see me playing piper... we have quite a lot in common ;)


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